Every calendar made with...

Respect for Mother Earth.

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Made with Love in Portland, OR

In 2003, I set out to make something meaningful I could gift friends and family for the holidays. At the time I was very concerned with where the world was headed. We faced a lot of big problems and people not loving themselves and therefore treating themselves and others in hateful ways seemed to be at the root of many of them.

What could I do to uplift humanity starting with my own community?

Instead of buying a gadget or cute gift for holiday presents, could I get crafty and make something even more full of love than I could find in a store? Of course I could.

The original intention was to make a book of poetry from the 10+ years of journals stacked up around the house. After rereading years of writings I realized I didn’t need to regurgitate the words in my journals per se, but I could pull out the most potent morsels and make a magical daily calendar.



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Magic is infused into every step of the process.

Each year I begin the creation process by looking to the future, asking for guidance, and pulling the threads of wisdom through the ether that will soon become the next year’s calendar. I charge my tools (paint brushes, markers, and even my mouse) with the amazing energy of this portal to the future.

I consult the upcoming astrology too. Looking at themes for the year, months, weeks and days to guide where the daily messages get placed. It’s more like a spiral dance than a linear process. 

I pull cards from various oracle and tarot decks. This helps me tune into the over arching themes and gain depth and clarity around what the entire year holds for us.

It's a pretty wild process! I'm always delighted with how much love and support I feel coming through from the unseen realms. The calendar feels like an oracle of time, with the perfect message landing on the perfect day. 


Environmental Impact


I’ve been an environmentalist since the early 90s when I saw my first clear cut.

My devotion to the health of the Earth and future generations is something that motivates me and drives many choices in my art and business decisions. The ecologically responsibility I feel has always impacted how the calendars are made.

The calendars are ALWAYS printed in the USA and each year I investigate the best ink, paper, and packaging to make the most conscious choice available. I have a "No Plastic" policy in everything I create, which is why you won't see any plastic sleeves on any of the calendars sold in stores. I even ask the print house not to throw away any imperfect sheets of paper that come from the printing process, so I can use them as wrapping paper for the calendar shipments. #itsallconnected