Do you Believe?

Hello Love,

How are you doing over there? I'm sending you a gigantic hug today, wrapping you in love straight from my heart.

I'm so grateful that you're reading these words and my intention is that they bring you hope and support during this time of great shift. Because we're all in this together and we're harnessing the power of LOVE to bravely make the changes so needed right now. We can do this!

On our way to August 8th (#Istandforlove day), we're going through the 8 steps of the manifesto to strengthen our hearts together... This week we're looking at step 6.

This one may be the most challenging so far. Believe in a LOVING world.

Believing in a loving world means seeing beyond the surface of people being jerks to each other and looking for the truth underneath it all. The truth is we are all wounded and hurt. We ALL have trust issues and relationship baggage. AND every single one of us comes into the world as a little nugget of love and miracles.

When we remember that all people at their very core are craving love and longing for connection, we also remember that love is at the center of everything. Love is who you are. Love is God. Love is a verb and an energy and an indescribable feeling…

Believing in a loving world is a powerful practice and a way of life. It takes faith in humanity and faith in yourself as well.

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Possibly the only thing I know for sure is that there has never been a better time than NOW to Stand for LOVE! Thank you for being here and putting your heart into it. I love you!



If you haven't already: Download the #IStandForLove Manifesto poster now and share it with your peeps. It will help remind you that YOUR LOVE really does changes the world.


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