A good time to pause...

Hello Beautiful Human,

Is it really the end of the month already? Wowie zowie!

My hope is to bring some love so to you we can enjoy a moment or two of pause and presence. Can we transition into the next month (Hello March!) with ease and grace?

Are you with me?

Sweet! Cuz there's a lot of goodness in store.

I made this video for you all about moving through the energy of February into March and the fabulous theme that March has for us.

Do yourself the favor by slowing down to savor this moment and watch the video now:

And then let's roll into March like the badass, gorgeous humans we are!

Because we are alive! You and I are here on this amazing planet and no one has the unique perspective or experience that each of us have. That YOU have. Honor that by pausing for a moment and giving yourself a compliment right now.

You're doing it. Living your life like only you can. Nice work!

There's so much we need to work on, heal, change, so that the kids coming after us will live in a world that is more loving. And I believe we can do it.

I also believe that in order to have the stamina needed for the work, we need to pause, give ourselves some love and encouragement and foster HOPE in our own hearts first.

That's why I'm here, my dear. My hope is to bring HOPE to your life. To fan the flames of your self love so that you feel like you have the stamina to do the work. Bringing you Daily inspiration, daily love and igniting that creative spirit you are. That's what motivates me to keep creating.

I love that March is all about the children. The inner child and the future generations. Watch the video above for more insight on that now. It's so good.

With all that said, I send you giant hugs and calming breath as we cross from one month to the next.

May the blessings unfold!

Sarah love painting 1.jpg