Creative Breakthrough Retreats

Private retreats to tap into your creative power!

Portland, OR and online


Like a spa day to unlock your creative power…

Bask in this possibility: YOU are just ONE BREAKTHROUGH away from a whole new chapter of your life.

When you’re stuck in a rut and all out of energy, sometimes it feels easier just to keep things the same. But, we both know, there’s a part of you that still wants to feel a new kind of magic. I’m here to help you listen to that part because I believe that voice is your inner artist (and the key to your power to create change).

Breakthroughs can be subtle shifts or big bangs. Creative Breakthrough Retreats are designed to bring forth your latent creative energy and help you make it happen – full of life force energy for the goal you want to achieve.


What do you get when your inner five-year-old meets your wise self?
Let’s find out!


Creative Breakthrough Retreats are for you if…

  • Someone once told you that you weren’t very good at making art, but you long to MAKE something meaningful and beautiful, and remember that boundless creativity you had long ago…

  • You’re a creative/entrepreneur that’s hit a spiritual or existential BLOCK. You’re tired, uninspired, and almost ready to give it all up and go back to your day job…You want clarity and fire back in your life. Maybe a new medium (and a touch of magic!) can help you access a fresh side of your creativity…

  • You’re working a job and you feel like you’ve had to hide behind a mask for too long. It’s starting to take a toll on your spirit. A spa day for your inner artist sounds like a deeply healing way to get back in touch with your creative power…

  • You’ve had a life event (big or small) and you’d like to process and celebrate it by carving out some special time for a rites of passage. You’re ready to be held in a creative container and expand into the next chapter of life…


Your creativity is GOLD.

During your Creative Retreat we’ll play with 3 main elements — Love, Art, and Magic. We’ll find inroads to help you unlock your creative potential (and feed your artist’s soul)…



We start by discussing what's up for you, both the large and small themes of your current life. Once we both understand where you are and where you want to be, we dive into a guided meditation to help you release, open, and access your personal creative power. Bolstering self love and restoring hope in the future.

*Also: plenty of tea and chocolate on hand to love up your senses!



Talking and strategizing can only get us so far. When we’re really stuck in a pattern, art can help us access wisdom and inner resources that we didn’t know we had.

Making is medicine.

You’ll leave with a deeper sense of clarity and more personal power to shift. And you’ll also be able to take home a beautiful symbol of your breakthrough, a meaningful piece of art you made with your own hands + heart!



During your session, we’ll consult the Mystics Oracle Deck for more insight. The guidance from the cards will add an extra layer of magical meaning. This part of the process can cause a profound breakthrough in itself.


Kind Words from Breakthrough Creatives!

Sarah created a Sacred Space for self discovery, creation, and deep communication with my future self! What a powerful experience.
— Karin Berardo
I loved just being able to show up and create. It really opened up my stuckness and got me flowing again. This was so fun for me. I’m totally inspired.
— Anezka Drazil
I showed up with anxiety and I left feeling inspired and liberated from my own ego.
I felt entirely met. It was joyful and stress relieving.
— Annie Robertson

What will you do with your new creative power?

This is a unique process that's tailored to fit your needs and leave you feeling loved up and empowered, heart and soul.

There are many ways to treat yourself, but how many will truly open up something inside of YOU and bring back a part of yourself that you’ve been missing?

If a Creative Breakthrough Retreat excites you…
there are 3 ways to work with me:


In-person Retreats

Come to my Portland, OR studio for your half-day retreat experience.



Virtual Retreats

Don’t worry if we’re a world apart—I’m with you, every mark you make.



Group Retreats

A tailored experience for your team, group, or special event.

Price varies.


“We at Nurture Realty hosted a goal-setting Collage Night at our office for our families and clients, and it was a huge success! At Nurture, we work toward helping our clients realize their long term goals and supporting the projects they embark on to improve their communities. Inviting Sarah Love to lead us in this exercise was a natural fit! It allowed us an opportunity to discover what is most important to our clients. We all felt so inspired after the event and so grateful for all of the wonderful things we already have in our lives.

It was a very powerful night. We highly recommend Sarah’s group experiences for companies wanting to increase connection among employees or team members and with clients. Thanks so much, Sarah!”

– Shanan Batson, Nurture Realty, LLC