That's me! Baby Love. :)

That's me! Baby Love. :)

When I was a very small person I felt a deep sense of confusion...

How could people be so unkind to each other? It just didn’t make sense to my tender heart.

Why wasn’t the world a more loving place? It seemed like that was what we all longed for at our very core. I had a lot of trouble wrapping my little brain around why humans played out the drama of life.

I felt there was truly only one solution to all of the problems we faced. More love.

Of course, I was always told I was too sensitive. Negativity found its way into my heart and mind and over time I built tall walls around me because that’s what I needed to do to get through life. But that’s not who I was born to be. (And besides, it was no fun at all).

I started on the path of Self Love and found my creativity in the process... 

sarah love 1-73.jpg

Sarah the Artist

sarah love artist.jpg
sarah love 1-73.jpg

It took me a looong time to claim the artist part of myself.

I made the first Life is Beautiful and SO are YOU! calendar in 2003 and for years after I still had a hard time saying “I’m an Artist”.

But finally (after loving the crap out of myself even more), I realized you don’t have to go art school or be a tortured soul (or both) to be a real life artist. You just gotta make some freakin’ art. And that’s what I love to do. Creating artwork that uplifts and inspires humans like you is totally my jam. It’s what helps me keep the love vibration alive in my own life.

Then I started teaching creativity, and I found a whole new world of awesomeness. I love to help open the channel of creative energy in others because I feel like we were all born to create. It’s life force energy that longs to come through. Along with the BS we are told about not being perfect or worthy or good enough, we are programmed to shut down the flow of creativity pretty early on. It’s a damn shame and I’m here to open that up in a big way. 

And that’s also a big part of how I get in touch with the Divine...


Sarah the Magic-Maker


In my search for love in the world I was really searching for a connection to the Divine.

It’s through much seeking that I’ve come to practice my own blend of ritual and magic. Connecting with many traditions and world religions, I discovered that the bases for most spiritual text and teachings is Love. When we connect with our hearts and listen for guidance we are indeed going to the source. 

Every area of my life is infused with spirit. It’s how I make sense of this human experience. I weave magic and meaning into everything I create. Digging into the work of loving ourselves is actually recognizing that we are not just physical beings. We are spiritual, emotional, mental and multi-dimentional. We are star dust and earth and our ancestors rolled up in a uniquely magnificent package.

When each one of us was born and took our very first breath we changed the world forever more. We are that powerful. We are part of the great mystery. Exploring and honoring that mystery is how I express my spirituality in this life. 

“I absolutely LOVE Sarah Love’s calendar, cards, and products! It’s so rare and wonderful to find material products which are truly created and infused with the Spirit of Love. They bring smiles to everyone who experiences them!” - Jonathan Y.